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Will time stamping my data help serve up the most relevant data?

Works and gives answers from years of our Slack conversations converted to text and uploaded to the chatbot. IssueIf I ask the bot a question I want it to give me the most up to date answer.ExampleOur slack data might say 100 times "admins in our software have 10 super powers" I have uploaded new data that says "admins have 15 super powers"I can not manually go through all our data and remove old data. I am trying to figure out a solution.Will time stamping our data help at all?2020-01-05 10:01 - admins in our software have 10 super powers2021-02-05 10:52 - admins in our software have 10 super powers2022-03-05 10:52 - admins in our software have 10 super powers2023-04-05 10:52 - admins in our software have 10 super powers2023-12-05 09:54:47 - admins have 15 super powers

Zack Mertz 5 months ago


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Share all training including GOOGLE DOCS across Asks

It's CRITICAL we believe to be able to have the same training materials for multiple AskAIs. Currently Google Docs - a vital training source - can only be used on one AskAI per account.Here's why:We're setting up 3 AskAIs for different situations. A 'live webinar' chat agent (v short answers) a general website chat (a more traditional use-case, fuller answers) and an assistant for our Customer Care team.The thing is - all 3 need the same training - just different briefs on how to respond. BUT we've found only one of them can connect to the Google Drive folder where we've been gathering all the training materials. We've tried having text Gdocs be treated as a web page but no go. As a workaround we're now having to build a private website to populate with copies of the docs but really just want to use the existing connection to Gdocs from each of the Asks to select our AI Training folder. Any chance?

Seymour Segnit 6 months ago

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